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Understanding the Importance of Auto Service: A Guide for Everyone

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Understanding the Importance of Auto Service: A Guide for Everyone

5 Signs That Your Transmission Needs a Fluid Flush Service

by Alexandra Obrien

Your transmission unit needs to receive a fluid change every so often. However, once in awhile, your transmission may need more than just a fluid change. It may need a fluid 'flush'. A fluid flush is where new oil is continuously pumped in and out while the unit is running in order to clean the unit completely and to remove all traces of all oil and other impurities. So when does your vehicle need this? Read on to find out. 

Transmission has very dirty oil 

One sign that shows your transmission needs a flush is if the oil inside it turns out to be very dirty; dirtier than it should be. This can be checked during an oil change or an oil drain. Very dirty transmission oil shows that your oil has not been changed in very long. A fluid flush is advisable at this time to avoid contaminating the fresh oil that will be added later on. This way, your unit will enjoy a truly fresh top up. 

Oil has metal shavings or other impurities

If your transmission oil turns out to have metal shavings or other impurities, this is yet another sign that a fluid flush is warranted. Such particles in the oil indicate wear inside the unit, most likely around the gears. By undertaking a fluid flush, all such loose particles are flushed out in order to avoid increased friction or prolonged damage to the unit. 

Old transmission oil is stuck inside the unit 

In some cases, old transmission oil can get stuck inside the unit. This can be detected when the unit churns out very thick oil or when the oil drained from it is much lower in quantity that what was expected (and there have been no leaks). In some cases, this can happen if the unit has not been used in a very long time. By flushing it, the oil stuck inside is heated and removed with ease. 

Transmission unit has just been overhauled

You should also have your gearbox flushed if it has just been comprehensively repaired or rebuilt. This should be done in order to clean the unit thoroughly before use. The flush will remove any dust, grit, metal shavings or other forms of dirt present. By doing so, the integrity of the overhaul process is maintained and its longevity protected.

Vehicle has been dormant for long

Another good reason to seek a transmission fluid flush is if your vehicle has not been driven in a very long time, e.g. more than 8 months long. As opposed to just seeking an oil change, such a vehicle needs to have its gearbox flushed in order to completely remove the old oil which is not safe for the car and may have traces of moisture or oil. This is a good preventive measure to avoid costly transmission problems later on.  

Do any of the above apply to your car? If so, talk to your mechanic about the need to carry out a transmission fluid flush service.