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Understanding the Importance of Auto Service: A Guide for Everyone

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Understanding the Importance of Auto Service: A Guide for Everyone

Common Causes of Premature Clutch Failure

by Alexandra Obrien

Are you wondering why you have to replace your clutch more frequently than other truck drivers do? Read on and discover some of the most common factors that result in premature clutch failure. Avoid making the mistakes discussed.

Downshifting to Slow Down

Some truck drivers downshift (change to lower gears) each time they would like to slow down the truck, such as when driving in heavy traffic. This puts a heavy strain on the clutch because the clutch has to withstand the momentum that the heavy truck had gained as it moved fast. Over time, that strain causes the clutch to weaken and it eventually fails. Avoid this problem by using your brakes to slow your truck down.

Not Using the Parking Brake

Many times, you may have to keep a vehicle stationary when that vehicle is on a hill, such as when you stop at a checkpoint before you are allowed access to a high security location. Some drivers usually step on the clutch pedal for the entire duration of the security check. This seemingly harmless act can have a huge impact on the longevity of the clutch. The force of gravity strains the clutch that is keeping your truck stationary. Consequently, the clutch will gradually weaken if this way of keeping the truck stationary is repeated frequently. A better way to keep the truck stationary is to engage the parking brake. This will shield the clutch from the strain of keeping the truck stationary. Similarly, you can save your truck's clutch from premature failure by shifting to neutral gear and removing your foot from the clutch pedal when you stop at a traffic light.

Riding the Clutch

This mistake is very common among drivers of manual transmission vehicles. Many find themselves unconsciously stepping on the clutch pedal when they are accelerating. Others feel that it is more comfortable to use the clutch pedal as a footrest while they drive. These actions gradually wear the clutch out. Avoid making this mistake. Only step on the clutch pedal when you are shifting gears.

As you can see from the discussion above, there is a lot that you can do to prolong the useful life of the clutch of your truck. Implement the suggestions above and you will notice a difference in the longevity of the clutch. Consult truck repair professionals for additional tips on how you can limit the frequency of clutch repairs.