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Understanding the Importance of Auto Service: A Guide for Everyone

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Understanding the Importance of Auto Service: A Guide for Everyone

Some Questions About a Vehicle Safety Inspection in Queensland

by Alexandra Obrien

Each state in Australia has its own rules about vehicle safety inspections that need to be passed before a registration can be issued, and Queensland is no different. If you're thinking of buying a used vehicle in Queensland or are ready to sell a vehicle, you might note a few questions about these inspections and what they include, and when they're required. This can help you to know what to expect during the inspection process.

1. Is it only cars that are inspected?

In Queensland, an inspection is needed for cars and trucks as well as motorcycles, caravans, and other light vehicles that are not considered in a commercial class. This would mean your ATV and other such vehicles will need to be inspected before you can get a new registration.

2. Will the inspection tell me if there is something wrong with the car?

The inspection covers major aspects of the car including the tyres, brakes, suspension system, steering, the lights and windscreen, and if there is major rust on the body or underbody of the car. However, this inspection is not the same as a mechanical inspection you would get by a mechanic. As an example, the inspection won't tell you how many years of life you have left on the tyres or if you'll soon need to replace belt and hoses. The inspection also won't tell you how reliable a certain make or model is so that you can determine how long you might own it before it needs other major repairs, or if the asking price is fair. While the inspection can tell you some basic information as mentioned above, don't rely on it alone to tell you if the purchase will be a good deal or not.

3. When do used cars need the safety inspection?

It is the law that you need to include the safety inspection the moment you list the car for sale; this means you should have the inspection in hand before you put out a "for sale" sign or put up a classified ad. You cannot list the car and then promise to have the inspection done at a later date. However, note that you might not need the inspection if you're transferring the car to a spouse or if it's being transferred as part of an inheritance; some remote areas may be exempt as well. Be sure to call your state agency to ask about your area before you assume you can sell your car without the vehicle safety certificate.