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Understanding the Importance of Auto Service: A Guide for Everyone

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Understanding the Importance of Auto Service: A Guide for Everyone

Common Questions Car Owners Ask about Motor Vehicle Servicing

by Alexandra Obrien

Motor vehicle servicing or maintenance can help to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently for many years. You can also avoid major breakdowns and other problems when on the road if you have your vehicle serviced as it should be because these visits can alert you to repairs that are needed now. Note some common questions that many car owners ask about motor vehicle servicing so that you understand how and why you should get your vehicle taken care of long before it actually breaks down.

1. Does the dealer need to perform service work for a warranty to be in effect?

This is something that only your warranty paperwork can answer, but in most cases, you don't need to visit a dealer for servicing to keep your warranty intact. However, you may need to visit an authorized repair shop, meaning one that your car manufacturer recognizes as being able to work on your particular car. You may also be obligated to use brand-name parts for servicing and repair. Be sure you check on this before you have your car serviced, but don't assume that the dealership is your only option for this work.

2. Why check the battery when I have good jumper cables in the trunk?

Jump-starting a battery may not actually hurt the battery itself, but if you're overlooking the reason why a car's battery goes dead, you may wind up with a completely failed battery sooner or later. It's good to have your battery's power tested at every car servicing appointment and to also test the alternator. This will tell you if the battery is being drained of power and if you need to replace the alternator or upgrade to a more powerful battery that will support the many electrical features of your car, among other options. Don't overlook having the battery checked at each servicing of your car even if it seems to be performing fine, as you want to replace it before it dies, not after.

3. Why replace hoses and belts when they're in good repair?

Remember that hoses deliver vital fluids to all parts of your car. If they should have even a small leak, your car's engine may not get enough oil and coolant to keep it running smoothly, the transmission system may be without adequate fluid and so on. These parts could then easily seize up. Belts keep moving parts running smoothly as well, and if they should start to wear out or get brittle, those parts may not turn as easily and could suffer early corrosion and wear and tear. Have your belts and hoses changed as recommended during servicing rather than waiting for them to fail to protect all your car's parts.